East Haven Police Department Citizen Self-Reporting
Welcome to the East Haven Police Department Citizen Self-Reporting System.

Welcome to the East Haven Police Department Online Reporting System. This system allows you to submit information regarding an incident that occurred in East Haven. 

This system is to be used to report minor offenses where there is no known suspect. If there is a known suspect, you should call the Police Department at 203-468-3820 and ask to see a police officer. 

Warning: filing of a false report is a crime in Connecticut.

Upon completion of this process:

  • You will immediately receive a report number and be able to print a draft copy of the report.
  • Your incident reported online will be reviewed.  
  • Reports are reviewed and assigned for follow-up based on investigative leads and severity of the crime. Unfortunately the majority of cases reported are closed without further action being taken. If a follow-up will be conducted on your case, you will be contacted.  Please be aware that reports will be checked during normal business hours, and if follow-up is needed, you may not receive an immediate response.  

The following types of incidents can be reported using the system:
Criminal: Malicious Destruction of Property, Theft - Personal Property, Theft - Gasoline Drive Off, Harassment, Identity Theft - Documentation purposes only, Lost Cell Phone, Lost Property - Documentation Purposes Only, Civil Complaint Regarding Custody Disputes - Documentation Purposes Only, Repossession or Private Property Tow Reporting, Graffiti
Crash: Vehicle Crash - Private Property
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